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Peace of Mind for Your Inbox

Forward a suspicious email and know within minutes if it's real or a scam.

How It Works

You receive an email that appears suspicious or is from someone you don’t know. You forward it to our automated system. Using a sophisticated algorithm, it determines the likelihood that the message is a scam and replies back to you with a score and a recommended course of action.


What Is Analyzed

Forwarded emails are analyzed for authenticity based on numerous important factors.


Phone numbers, email addresses and other identifying information are checked for legitimacy.


Email content is analyzed for markers of suspicious or fradulent activity.


Website links are checked against a comprehensive database of unsafe websites, such as malware or phishing sites.


The email address of the sender is verified to ensure that the message is from a legitimate source.

Why You Need ScamCheck.Me

Email vulnerability is one of the most persistent and growing threats to online security.

of emails are
potentially harmful spam

of security breaches
originate from phishing

of people cannot tell if a sophisticated phishing
email is a scam

Source: Forbes

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